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Internet Web Sites: Signs of the Future

    The advertising of the future is available today through WebPortal Design Works', Virtual Walk-Thrutm. Complete solutions are available for presenting your products and properties in high-impact, interactive Web sites.

    Imagine being able to allow your customers to experience a completely Virtual Walk-Thrutm of all your different home and building designs without ever leaving the comfort of your office chair.

Experience Virtual Walk-Thrutm

    The Virtual Walk-Thrutm is the theater of the mind. Communication takes place through direct experience and nearly total immersion by the user in the interactive script scenario.

    To sample this amazing technology, click to download the IPIX plug-in for your web browser. Complete instructions for installation are provided by following the above link. Be sure to bookmark this page to return to here.

    After installing, click on any of the images below to experience a 3-D preview. If you prefer, click the Full Screen option.

Full Screen
Grand Foyer
Full Screen
Great Room
Full Screen
Full Screen
Full Screen
Full Screen

Targeted Advertising

    The World Wide Web has become the most effective medium for Building Industry advertising and promotion since the invention of the signboard. These Web sites provide interactive, direct, and targeted communications to your preferred demographics.

     Take our Virtual Walk-Thrutm tour of a real estate listing for sale in Atherton, CA by clicking on any area of the home, then step right into the full page experience!

Tennis Court
Front Lawn
Master Bedroom
Dining Room

    Maximized sales result when you keep listed property open for tours 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Hundreds of thousands of potential buyers get a Virtual Walk-Thrutm and all of their preliminary questions and time-consuming previews of your properties completed before they approach your company to make a good offer of sale!

    Before leaving, step right up to a Virtual Walk-Thrutm tour of what the publicly financed Fresno Grizzlies Baseball Stadium may look like on Opening-Day in the year 2000! Batter-up!


Quality And Quantity

    WebPortal creates and maintains the Photo-quality, interactive 3-D Virtual Reality spaces, computer graphics, digital video, audio, and comprehensive realtime reports about the traffic and visitors to your site. We provide everything you need to advertise on the World Wide Web, including an Internet Server and complete, ongoing maintenance, updates and technical support.

    Contact WebPortal Design Works at 209-439-9184 or e-mail. Visit WebPortal for more information.


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