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    What is Web Portal? It is our theory of the of speed and access to information which, according to Einstein's theory, approaches the speed of light and theoretically slows time. Einstein showed that traveling at or faster than these speeds becomes infinite. Some, like British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, have said so. But others think there may be a way to find "shortcuts" with the Portal technology. In the late 1980's Kip Thorne of the University of California at Berkeley suggested that an object known as the Portal does exist in space. These doorways would essentially be the Portal to the space-time continuum everyone has been searching for.
     By finding the Portal , it will provide searcher a passageway to a past or future point on the undulating river of time. Thorne developed the theory after Carl Sagan had asked him whether there could be a way he could send the heroine of his novel, Contact ,through the portal a great distance and return home the same day.
     The book and the movie by the same name, starring Jodie Foster, featured Thorne's Portal phenomenon. Besides locating a real-time l portal, scientists we need to find a way to keep the portal's entrances open long enough for a person to pass through to a desired location and return.
   Due to quantum mechanics , the field of physics that governs the mechanics of the inner world of atoms, forces would cause the Portal to expand infinitely. Some have said filling the portal with large amounts of exotic, or attractive materials requires enormous ingenuity. It also requires Portal scientists to devise and merge relativity with those laws governing quantum mechanics in a so-called Theory of Digital Transport.
     Halpern, says that past, present and future, exist and influence each other simultaneously in our universe through access found in the powerful Portal.

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Web Portal Design Corporation is a not-for-profit [501(c)(3)] California Public Benefit Corporation, a registered charity with the Attorney General. The official corporate Web Site address is -- http://www.webportal.org.

    The User registrant or other person or entity, acknowledges and agrees to the preexisting publication and ownership of the copyrighted computer program code within the respective Internet Web site engineering design, copyrights, trademark, service mark, and product branding of the world famous digital graphics Web site WEBPORTAL.ORG®, on file with USPTO, and whose registered educational publications, affiliates, subsidiaries, and business entities are: The American Law Review, Bulldog Newspaper, California Star Newspaper, Clovis Free Press Newspaper, Daily Republican Newspaper, Fresno Magazine, Fresno Republican Newspaper, Interior Deco Corporation, MotherWire Magazine, Rampage Newspaper, River Park Newspaper, Yosemite Nature Notes, Yosemite Valley Newspaper, Web Portal Inc., A Delaware Corporation, and PC Paramedic Newsletter.

Web Portal Design Corp. (WEBPORTAL.ORG®) was founded in 1986. Its nonprofit business development is directed toward enhanced impact and financial sustainability in community and business development services.
Web Portal Design Corp. recognizes that its mission includes operation and development of efficient business practices in the furtherance of its charitable causes. It has found the operative pathway to combine the very best of the not-for-profit, philanthropic world with the very best management and marketing techniques of the for-profit enterprise.
    As philanthropic sources of funds are becoming less reliable we are encountering for-profit businesses, which are encroaching on market strategy of the 501 (c)(3) community foundation.
  Those funding foundations today, are demanding more accountability. In the face of this new reality, an increasing number of forward-looking nonprofits are beginning to appreciate the increased revenue, focus and effectiveness that can come from adopting "for profit" business approaches.
  Increasingly, foundations are fulfilling their new mission as social entrepreneurs with an infusion of business acumen in dynamic field of social entrepreneurship.
   It involves combining the best practices of the nonprofit and for-profit sectors to simultaneously enhance a nonprofit impact and financial sustainability through mission-related earned income activities. Our process for nonprofit business development involves: recognizing that your organization's vision, mission and strategic goals represent the purpose and context for your business development.
    Gaining a better understanding of the motivations and support for business development, both within our organization and in our community. Identifying the major assets and capabilities that our organization has to invest in its business and community development programs.
  To accomplish this purpose, we Identify our best mission-related corporate public service opportunities. Researching each of our opportunities for feasibility and selecting the most appropriate ones to develop. Developing strategic marketing and service deliver plans for each of our selected opportunities. Implementing our business plans, including adjusting them as necessary.
  Nonprofit business development can take three primary forms: enhancing the impact and financial sustainability of a nonprofit's planned giving and fund raising projects; creating freestanding mission-centered enterprises; entering into mutually-beneficial relationships with corporations.
    Nonprofit business development can have a variety of positive impacts on a nonprofit organization, including: More accurate understanding of community needs Higher quality of service by focusing on what you do best More effective and efficient operations in our organizations.

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  The User agrees to be bound by California statutory provisions as to litigation under California Code of Civil Procedures Sec. 425.15 and related, and all of the terms and conditions contained in this User Agreement ("Agreement"). Web Web Portal Design Corp., a California public benefit corporate entity, reserve the right at its discretion to change the terms of this Agreement and will notify users of any such changes by online postings. Your continued use of any Web Portal Inc., and Web Portal Design Corp. web site after the posting of any notice of change in terms shall constitute your acceptance to be bound by any such changes, and to conform to the restrictions set forth in official California statutes and related legal precedents pertaining to judicial proceedings against compensated or uncompensated employees, offices and directors of Web Portal Design Corporation.


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Officers, directors, volunteers of Web Portal Design Corporation are understood to be individually and collectively a non-jural entity. See California Code of Civil Procedure 425.15 ["...No cause of action against a person serving without compensation as a director or officer of a nonprofit corporation described in this section, on account of any negligent act or omission by that person within the scope of that person's duties as a director acting in the capacity of a board member, or as an officer acting in the capacity of, and within the scope of the duties of, an officer, shall be included in a complaint or other pleading unless the court enters an order allowing the pleading...]

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