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Permanent Galleries

The McGovern Gallery of Presidents    [ Next | Top ]
The John P. McGovern, M.D. Gallery of Presidents traces the history of the American presidency from George Washington to current times. Reproductions of portraits from the White House Historical Association with accompanying biographies, political campaign material, and significant documents such as a rare 1823 copy of the Declaration of Independence provide background on the nation’s chief executive and the establishment of the United States as a republic.

Gallery of Presidents

Jefferson Signs the Louisiana Purchase

Launch Theater    [ Next | Previous | Top ]
A spirited multi-screen media production provides highlight of Ronald Wilson Reagan’s life from his childhood through the opening of the Library and Museum that bears his name. Video clips and the president’s personal recollections introduce the exhibits that follow.

Movie Years

Early Years Gallery    [ Next | Previous | Top ]
“Dutch” Reagan’s youth growing up in Dixon, Illinois, his college days, and a lively career first in radio broadcasting and then in Hollywood come alive through artifacts, images, and audio visual presentations. Reagan’s active duty during World War II in the U.S. Air Forces with the First Motion Picture Unit, his return to the entertainment industry at the end of the war, and his marriage to Nancy Davis trace Reagan in the time before he entered politics.

Dixon Arch 2

WHO Studio

“Citizen Governor” Gallery    [ Next | Previous | Top ]
After delivering a nationally televised speech on behalf of Barry Goldwater’s bid for the White House, Ronald Reagan’s stirring message that the nation had a “rendezvous with destiny” paved the way for his own political career. In 1966 the former actor became governor of California for two terms. A 1965 Ford Mustang used in his first gubernatorial campaign, the original entryway to the governor’s residence, and his massive desk from the office in the state capitol recall his days in Sacramento.



New Beginnings Gallery    [ Next | Previous | Top ]
On January 20, 1981 Ronald Reagan became the fortieth president of the United States. His first term in office including an assassination attempt that nearly claimed his life, the Strategic Defense Initiative, and the White House Situation Room where he faced difficult decisions as commander-in-chief, are among the highlights.

Situation Table

Inauguration Suit

The Oval Office    [ Next | Previous | Top ]
The Oval Office has become synonymous with the presidency. A full-sized, painstaking recreation of this famous room as it appeared during Ronald Reagan’s administration is a favorite. Ronald Reagan’s comments about some of his experiences and feelings while serving in the Oval Office add warm, personal insights

Oval Office 2

Office 08

The President’s Residences    [ Next | Previous | Top ]
The White House is the setting for elegant state dinners and other ceremonial events as well as the president’s home. Both the pomp and circumstance and the routine of daily life in the private quarters are represented. In addition, exhibits about the presidential retreat in Maryland, Camp David, and Rancho del Cielo in the beautiful mountains above Santa Barbara offer glimpses of Ronald and Nancy Reagan’s private moments away from the hectic pace of Washington.


Camp David

First Lady Nancy Reagan    [ Next | Previous | Top ]
For more than a half century Nancy Reagan has been by the side of her husband. Depictions of her childhood days in Illinois through a Hollywood career and eventually to the days of Ronald Reagan’s presidency tell the exciting story of this gracious first lady

Nancy Reagan Gallery Entrance

Nancy Reagan

Presidential Gifts    [ Next | Previous | Top ]
During their White House years Nancy and Ronald Reagan received more that 100,000 gifts, not including plants, flowers, and items of food or drink. Because these items are considered gifts to the people of the United States, they become the property of the federal government. Many of these gifts are exhibited in the museum galleries along with artifacts and other items that depict the fascinating life of Ronald Reagan.

Museum Collection 2

Museum Collection 5

Air Force One Pavilion    [ Previous | Top ]
     President Reagan's dream was that one day Air Force One would be shared with the American people. That dream has finally come true. We are honored by the trust the United States Air Force has placed in us to share this National Treasure. The new Air Force One Pavilion celebrates President Reagan's vision and tells the story of his important achievements during his presidential years.

     High above the hills of Simi Valley, Air Force One is poised for flight facing a 200-foot wide by 60-foot tall glass wall with an awe-inspiring panoramic vista. The plane tilts at a 2° incline creating a feeling that it is taking off on another important mission. Visitors will gain a deep appreciation of how Ronald Reagan used the Boeing 707 to traverse the globe promoting freedom and democracy. This historic aircraft is the center-piece of the Air Force One Pavilion, a magnificent 90,000 square foot facility. Visitors have the opportunity to board this "Flying White House;" where seven presidents and countless world leaders have flown. Additional Pavilion exhibits focus on Presidential air travel from FDR's Dixie Clipper to the current Boeing 747 serving President George W. Bush.

Air Force One Pavilion

Beneath Air Force One

Facts and Stats Plane's Statistics:
     Plane Type: Flight speed: 540 mph
     Boeing 707 Max altitude: 42,000 feet
     Plane's Name: Range: 6,650 miles
     C-137, 72-7000 Max # of passengers: 52
     Plane's Tail Number: Crew: 18
     27000 Wingspan: 145 feet, 9 inches Length: 152 feet, 11 inches Height: 42 feet, 5 inches


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