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The Daily Republican Newspaper management staff have donated this website to the Ronald W. Reagan Presidential Foundation and Center for Public Affairs. The page design, information content and web site access is a product of the design team at WebPortal.Com. The hypertext links pointing to Presidential papers and materials lead to the external National Archives and Records Administration and related sites which provide online access to the Presidential Libraries Idea Network, as a public service. The materials represented in no way substitute for the original materials archived in the libraries of the National Archives system of Presidential Libraries. The materials provided online are only a supplement to NARA collections.

The Daily Republican Newspaper management staff recommends to researchers that before they use materials obtained online in their research, they should reference those materials against the originals, archived at the libraries.

In addition, The Daily Republican Newspaper management staff makes the exhibition space on this site available as a public service to highlight the social and economic value of these materials through this educational exhibit. Through inclusion in this area, The Daily Republican Newspaper management staff does not necessarily endorse all exhibits as representative of the historical record, nor any of the materials available in the National Archives.

The Daily Republican Newspaper management staff assumes complete authority to decide which exhibits are to be used or presented on this web site. Maintenance of this web site is under the complete authority of the assigned software engineers at WebPortal.Com. All graphics, text materials and electronic media not otherwise designated by other copyright holders, such as the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation, is the exclusive property of The Daily Republican Newspaper.

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