Extending Your Company's Reach

    Web Portal©, Inc.'s mission is to use the pervasive interactivity of the Internet's technology to set-up your unique storefront's presence and to pull new customers within reach of your own tested catchment strategy.

Web Portal©, Inc. is a focused, tightly knit web development team made-up of talented professionals who are experts in their specialties of graphic design, html, database, technical writing, programming and new media marketing.

We are the only high-end web development and design laboratory in the United States that specializes in the creation of secure online interactive information exchange. This is the design genra you need to make your online business a viable entity, in its own right.

Web Portal©, Inc. Design Labs has grown along with the world wide web itself in the U.S. and off-shore. The Labs' marketing research and programming roots were firmly established in 1981 and quickly evolved from our creation of relational databases with regional educational content. Thw Lab has since grown to encompass virtually every approach to doing business on the web, from advertising layout & design to interactive catalogs and public affairs programs.

The Labs use the Internet to create private networks for communications purposes, allowing businesses to overcome geographical boundaries and share information efficiently, inexpensively and securely.

If you're thinking about putting the Internet to work for your business, please contact us. The Web Portal©, Inc. team is here to help you succeed.

You want extend the reach of your business, and you've heard that the Internet is the way to do it. The consumers are there. The demographics are there. The potential is there. But thousands of web sites are there too. How do you make yours stand out? By design.

Professional design imparts a serious impression. Your web site has to instill confidence for it to make a sale, and you have only a few precious moments capture an impatient user.

Make those moments count by adopting a complete web marketing strategy for your expanded internet web business.

Areas of the Design Labs' expertise include:


  • graphic design.
  • animation design.
  • web site architecture and interface development.
  • java / javascript interactivity.
  • architectural photographic rendering / photo editing.


  • online databases, forms, and order processing.
  • shopping cart / cookie programming.
  • java / javascript / cgi / perl / visual basic scripting.
  • password / certificate / authentication security.
  • interactive forms.
  • form data conversion to e-mail, fax or database.

Server Utilities

  • real-time interactive forums.
  • Chat.
  • RealVideo.
  • secure server for data transfer & commerce.
  • detailed site traffic reporting.
  • catalog functionality, remote management.

Web Hosting

  • redundant pentium II/III Windows NT servers.
  • fiberoptic T-1 connection to the backbone of the Internet.
  • virtual server domain names and registration.
  • 24-hour monitoring.
  • site maintenance, updating and troubleshooting.
  • e-mail routing, multiple mailboxes.

Other Available Services

  • Web marketing and consulting.
  • Graphical redesigns of existing web sites.
  • Logo design /corporate identity.
  • Print advertising layout.
  • Brochures, mailers and business cards.
  • Computer tutoring, Internet training.
  • Internet licensed Investigation research.

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