About Our Animated Corporate Symbol  

Sunergia© From Tomorrow's World

Web Portal®, Inc.' Corporate Symbol    Web Portal©, Inc.'s animated corporate symbol represents our software engineers' dedication to the ideal of the highest order information technology to be introduced in the 21st Century. We named this stunning advance Sunergia© after the Greek word for the cooperative interaction among powerful merged forces, that creates an enhanced combined future effect.

Our beautiful corporate symbol has been compared to the double ground motif of the royal Sambo-in Gardens of Japan which are not necessarily for contemplation but exist as beautiful and interesting features in their own right. They invite participation.

Web Portal©, Inc's software engineers provide high-end, professional design surfaces for our clients. Our web sites are known for their ease of use and up to the minute user access data.The ultimate media market is in the here and now. Internet, Intranet and Extranet applications for real business world interactive environments are being positioned for greatly expanded market share at the coming turn-of-the-century.

Web Portal©, Inc's engineers' commitment to quality web site design and related product manufacturing is made real today through tomorrow's engineering and our firm's unconditional satisfaction assurance on design elements, components, and peripheral components.

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